Should SEO and PPC Marry Each Other, Date or Just Stay Single?

SEO or Organic Search Marketing and PPC or Paid Search Marketing/Advertisement, both have same goal to get your site found through keyword search in varios search engines. So, is the goal so common that they should get married? Or should SEO and PPC date, or just stay single?

Should SEO and PPC Marry Each Other, Date or Just Stay Single?

What if SEO and PPC Get Married?

Let’s define marriage first:

Marriage is about mutual understanding and about the economy of utilizing the limited combined resources in an efficient way for better life, if not, better future.

Well, that’s not a perfect one, but in Economics, it should sound like that. If I translate that for corporate language than it would be this:

Mutual Understanding between SEO & PPC

If SEO and PPC are operating differently, then they are learning in different ways. This can mean doing the same homework over and over again. Not doing the homework separately is very healthy for the economy. That’s why we see the giant companies acquiring (or marrying) the small companies. So that, the homework is not done again in the same economy. Even though, the giants have the setup to do it all over again. But, that’s bad for the industry. You are increasing the competition without adding any value to the economy.

So, whoever the husband between SEO or PPC is, both of their understanding can help each other greatly. PPC can use the learning from SEO and vice versa to reduce marketing cost and increase ROI. Isn’t that what the companies and advertisers are looking for? With mutual understanding, they can mutually reduce their homework and add value to the economy.

12 August 2011 ·

Is SEO Expenditure an Expense or Asset? Or Does SEO Cost influence Profitability?

Your website is your intellectual real estate. Even though, you bear annual variable cost of maintaining the site, the cost never can be labeled as expense. After finishing your site, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) to market your site, are they expense or adding value to your website? Let’s start with some definition:

Expense in terms of asset: The portion of the asset given away as variable cost for specific utility that has no reusability and to get the same utility, you have to pay again. e.g. advertising cost.

Asset in terms of expenditure: The expenditure invested as fixed cost for specific utility that has reusability. So with the investment, you get the same utility for a certain period of time. Please note that all assets are perishable, except for real estates. e.g. your computer is an asset not expenditure, but if you rent it, then it is expense.

Is SEO Expenditure an Expense or Asset? Or Does SEO Cost influence Profitability?

The accounting formula

Asset = Liability + Equity

i.e. Equity = Asset - Liability

In another analogy, Profitability = Capital – Expense

According to this formula, you can get more profit by decreasing expenditure or increasing capital. So, the more you add value to Capital, the more the profitability, even if you have to spend some expense to increase it. e.g. when you buy an asset, it does not get accounted into expense, rather into Asset or Capital.

Now, in terms of gaining profitability, how should the expenditure on SEO be labeled? As “Capital” or “Expense”? If it is a Capital Investment, then it will increase profitability, otherwise if expense, it will decrease your profitability.

24 May 2011 ·

SEO Click-through Rate (CTR) Influence Ranking in Google, What to do now?

Which CTR Counts in SEO?

Click-through Rate or CTR is a popular term for PPC. But, here we are talking about SEO CTR, not the CTR related to PPC. And yes, SEO CTR now counts and has been confirmed by many experts that it does influence Google Rankings. In SES 2011 @ London many experts has confirmed that it does influence your ranking. 

What is Clickthrough Rate (CTR)?

CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of Impression

This usually tells you what percentage of impression that makes an actual click. For PPC, CTR is a great measure for you to understand how well the ad is. For SEO, this also can tell how well the content is in the perspective of the keyword searched in Google. 

Is it Possible to Know the CTR for SEO?

For SEO, evaluating CTR was tough. However, Google Webmaster now provides this insight, which can also help you understand how you can improve your SEO. This is an earlier step, before the clicks get stored in your web analytics application.

SEO CTR in Google Webmaster Tools

Take a look at the new feature by Google Webmaster from where you can find the SEO CTR for your site for individual keywords.

What Would be the SEO CTR?

The SEO impression is how many times your site get ranked in Google SERP. Even if no one clicks your site, you will get a impression count, when someone searches for any keyword that you rank for. And based on the clicks and this impression, you can get SEO CTR.

Calculating SEO Click-through Rate (CTR)

e.g. Your site ranks 5th for the keyword SEO PPC SMM. Searchers made about 200 searches in a day for that keyword. So, you will get 200 impressions as the 5th site every time. But, only 20 people among the searchers actually clicked your site. So, your SEO CTR would be 20 clicks out of 200 searches or impression, i.e. 10% is your SEO CTR. Good news is that Google Webmaster does show you the SEO CTR to you:

SEO CTR in Google Webmaster

9 March 2011 ·

Facebook Optimization (FBO) or Facebook SEO - New Social Media Optimization (SMO) for Your Site

Event: F8 Developer Conference
Date: April 21, 2010
Place: San Francisco, California

The F8 Developer Conference has determined a new fate for Facebook. Previously, all the activities of Facebook were behind the great blue and white walled garden. But, after the introduction of Facebook Connect, activities spread beyond the blue & white garden and after the F8 Summit, the spread became widespread.

Open Graph Protocol was introduced in the event. Facebook has planned to use the properties of the non-profit organization in various ways to make the web more social as well as semantic.

So, a new form of Social Media Optimization (SMO) has evolved which is called Open Graph Optimization (OGO). Well, let’s call it OGO or Website Optimization for Open Graph Protocol. But, this is not the only thing  for Facebook Optimization. Facebook Optimization consists of several other technique you can employ for your site to perform well in the social media.

Objective of Facebook Optimization

According to the source of the activity in Facebook, you can classify them into 2 separate categories, viz.

  1. Internal Activity (Link): Link sharing instance that happens on
  2. External Activity (Like): Facebook Like button press activity that happens over external sites

Internal Activity - Link

Internal Activity for Facebook Optimization (FBO)

The internal activity refers to the link sharing on Facebook using or any other widget or tools. Internal link sharing was the oldest reason to have your website optimized for Facebok. Please scroll below to see the old technique for Facebook Optimization.

External Activity - Like

External Activity for Facebook Optimization (FBO)

Previously, Facebook was very much within walls. But, with like button and Open Graph Meta Tags, there are many external activities.

These two activities are also the major objectives for Facebook Optimization for 2010. But, I can prophecise that more things will come in near future. However, it will still be possible to categorize their activity into these 2 major categories.

14 January 2011 ·

Expandable Video Ads on YouTube and Vimeo - Innovative Web Advertisement

Google has been experimenting Expandable Ads for a while. But, flash based Expandable ads is not something new. Back in 2005, I have seen many expandable ads in Yahoo homepage. In recent years, the peel off expandable ads at top right corner is currently quite popular. You can find similar expandable ad in Marketing Pilgrim site at the top-right corner.

Google Adwords also introduced Expandible ads back in 2009. Adsense users may have seen such ads. But with Youtube, the Expandable Video Ad is something new and quite innovative. 

Have a look at these videos by clicking the images (it might take time if you have slower connection):

Expandables (The Movie) Ad on YouTube

Expandables (The Movie) Ad

This video is an example of typical Expandable YouTube ad. The name of the movie is co-incidental :-)

30 December 2010 ·

Authority Begins at Home – Onsite Link Building is Better than Offsite

Many people ask me what is the best link building strategy. The fact is, there is no time-proof strategy to mention only one, since most people tend to think offsite, than onsite when we pronounce the word “Link Building”.

Authority Begins at Home  Onsite Link Building is Better than Offsite

Why Large Sites Perform Well in Google?

Let’s try to get answers to these questions to understand the theme of this article:

  1. Have you wondered why Wikipedia always gets Google love than others?
  2. Have you also seen the same love for ecommerce sites with large inventory?
  3. Have you wondered how Search Engine Cloaking in Balckhat SEO steals the love from Google?

All these questions point to one answer: Relevant contents and large number contents that are interlinked get you all the Google love. Google assigns Authority for a Keyword based on this phenomenon.

30 November 2010 ·

View You and Your Friend’s Activity Page - A New Facebook Feature

Update: This feature has been embedded into the feature of new Facebook Timeline. You can now find the link to your friendship between a person and you below the cover photo of your timeline. Look out for the link that says “See Friendship”. However, the fetures mentioned here remains the same.

A few years back, when you landed on your friend’s profile on Facebook, you could see only the mutual friends you have. Then in recent change, Facebook also introduced the common “Likes” you have with your friend.

But, at the day of Halloween, Facebook brought in a new feature that highlights almost all the mutual activities, events, and interaction with your friend in a nice looking separate Facebook Friendship page. Just visit any friend in Facebook and you will find the link saying View You and Your-Friend’s-Name.

You and Your Friend's Activity Link in Facebook

After you click the “View You and Your Friend” link, you end up in a separate friendship page that includes the recent interaction you had with your friend.


Here is a list of information available in the page:

1 November 2010 ·

Generate QR Code with Google Chart API in Bulk from Excel Worksheet

This article is about generating QR Codes automatically in bulk from Google Chart API. If you know how it works, then you can skip all the descriptions in the article and go straight below and download the spreadsheet that can help you print QR Codes in bulk.

But, if you are interested to learn about how it was done, then please start reading  from here. Before that, I think a lot of people want to have more introduction about some terms. So here they go:

What is QR Code?

QR Code is 2-dimensional or 2D barcode (unlike the traditional 1D barcode) that looks like the black pixilated image below:

QR Code for Asif Anwar of Blueliner Marketing, LLC.

Came from some innovative Japanese mind, who invented the code to make contents decoded at high speed. This 2D Barcode now readable by QR scanners, smartphones or mobile phones attached with cameras.

For iPhone (Semacode), Android Phones (QuickMark), Blackberry (ScanLife), and Symbian Phones or Nokia (UpCode) there are many competing apps that can read QR Codes from any printed media.

The utility of QR Code is simple, transfer a whole chunk of text or information from any printed media to your mobile phone (through QR reader) or computer  (through QR scanner). So, this is the best way for you to make people go directly to your site from the printed QR Code or have people save your business card in their mobile phone in a snap.

19 October 2010 ·

Dofollow Link from Facebook on Your Public Profile

Update: This is an old post. Facebook no longer provide Dofollow link :-( Currently, they use “Nofollow me” Rel Attribute for all the links. However, the current public profile of a person gives dofollow link to pages they like. So, the more fans you have, the more the page rank of your page.

Facebook has always remained the toughest walled garden for many years. But, one by one some of the things are opening up to public. And while that happens, many features are being indexed by Google.

Recently, on my public profile, I spotted something new and interesting:

Facebook Public Profile giving Dofollow Backlink

The link on my public profile has this code with XFN Relationship Tag, “Me”:

<a class=”url” href=”” rel=”me”></a>

12 August 2010 ·

Follow Companies in LinkedIn: How You Can Utilize it to Work for Your Career & Business

Do you know that, you now can follow a company in LinkedIn? You will find a “Follow Company” link on each company page in LinkedIn. e.g. here is ours.

According to recent blog post from LinkedIn:

“Follow Company” helps you be among the first to learn about developments at companies like DreamWorks, find job openings at NASA or stumble upon business development opportunities at Netflix. The new feature lets you tap into key goings-on at nearly a million companies that already have their company profiles on LinkedIn and more that are being created every day.

Most importantly, this feature can deliver insights – you may be surprised at – such as the pace of hiring at your nearest competitor or the start of a whole new industry as you see web technology companies hiring geography teachers (for e.g.). Or better yet, you may find the job of a lifetime to do cause marketing for Major League Baseball.

Follow Company in LinkedIn

What happens if you follow

After following, you can see the updates on your followed companies from the Company Menu in LinkedIn. The statuses may contain job opportunity, new recruits, promotions, etc.

Now, the question comes: what can you do with this feature and utilize it for your career or business?

Here are some of my suggestions:

11 July 2010 ·

Bangladesh Bans Facebook on Various Complains

Bangladesh bans Facebook on various complains. BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission) recently shooted many compalins about Facebook. e.g.

1st Complain: Facebook is Ruining the Younger Generation of Bangladesh

My Comment: I don’t support this.

I have heard a lot of teachers saying that internet should be banned in dormitories of BUET (Bangladesh’s topmost engineering university). Now, these teachers are supporting them. Here, I am hearing similar thing also.

Just because the younger generation is the early adopter, it doesn’t mean it is the media to get spoiled. Mobile is ruining the younger generation more than Facebook. Why are you not banning mobile phone use? Just beaucse, it is the most effective communication media? What is Facebook then? To grow the IT industry here in Bangladesh, we need to grow the internet usage. But, banning Facebook will not help this, nor block young generation to get spoiled.

Bangladesh Bans Facebook

30 May 2010 ·

Why Traditional (Old School) Email Marketing Sucks

In best case, traditional and old school email marketing is mostly: 

  • sending the right message
  • to the unverified right people
  • in mostly wrong time.

In moderate case, traditional email marketing is mostly:

  • sending the right message
  • to the wrong people
  • in mostly wrong time.

So, you can guess what the worst case may be ;-)

Why Email Marketing Sucks

Now-a-days Email Marketing has gone a long way and steadily becoming more efficient. But, the plain aka traditional or Old School Email Marketing sucks for the following reasons:

22 February 2010 ·

Meta Keyword Collection Strategy & Planning for Meta SEO

It is obvious now that Keywords Meta Tag does not affect much in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Positioning (SEP). Meta SEO was the major SEO process in late 90s and early 2000 decades. Now, is a part of current SEO process, which is considered Old School SEO. Previously, people could get benefit from stuffing the keywords meta tags with irrelevant keywords. For some time, search engines used to punish the sites using such method. But, currently, advanced search engine like Google uses filters to ignore such irrelevant keywords.

Meta Keywords Collection Strategy for Meta SEO

However, Meta Keywords can give you some competitive advantage, if the competition is close (close ranking scores, not fierce competition). So, it is suggested that, you use Meta Keywords wisely. The wisest thing to do is to find and use most relevant keywords. So, here are some suggestion to collect relevant keywords for Keywords Meta for your site:

29 December 2009 ·

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