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Mon Jun 1 is Live Now > and Merges with Bing

Update: The Title of this article was is Live Now > is not Bing yet > Kumo Merged with Bing. After few hours was also redirected to Now, is the ultimate search engine by Microsoft.

This is a great breaking news for search marketers. is Live now after so many days of anticipation. Microsoft has been working on 2 search engines and But, currently,, and all have the same site, i.e.

Bing is Live

For rest of the world (like Bangladesh), Bing Homepage shows UK homepage. But, Bing also has search home page for specific countries, cultures, and languages. Here is a list of the countries that Bing currently supports. For some countries, you will find separate versions according to language. e.g. For USA, they have versions for the English and the Hispanics and for Canada, hey have both Engilsh and French home page.

This morning, I found that the site is hosted in UK Servers at IP. Now, they changed the server to The Netherlands at IP. I guess they are clouding the servers over Europe.

Bing Review

Here is my review about Bing:

  • I like the Text Preview feature of Bing when you mouse-over a result in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This is something that I have predicted earlier in Visual Results section of this article. The prediction was for Google, but I am glad that Bing already used it.
  • Related search is a good feature, but I guess that this is not something new.
  • The Image and Video search is quite promising, but the slowest I have ever seen.
  • In my quick analysis, I found that Bing is somewhat favoring fresh contents.
  • For most keywords, I have found only businesses. e.g. for Clipping Path, the search results only show business sites. While, Google tries to show both business and literature sites.
  • That means, the monopolistic influence of WikiPedia is diminished with Bing. (However, in India homepage, I found some influence of Wikipedia for keywords and none in UK homepage)
  • So, bing is actually the commercial cousin of Google, while Google can remain as the Oracle of Knowledge.

Have a look at the Promo Video they have released earlier: