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Tue Nov 30

Authority Begins at Home – Onsite Link Building is Better than Offsite

Many people ask me what is the best link building strategy. The fact is, there is no time-proof strategy to mention only one, since most people tend to think offsite, than onsite when we pronounce the word “Link Building”.

Authority Begins at Home  Onsite Link Building is Better than Offsite

Why Large Sites Perform Well in Google?

Let’s try to get answers to these questions to understand the theme of this article:

  1. Have you wondered why Wikipedia always gets Google love than others?
  2. Have you also seen the same love for ecommerce sites with large inventory?
  3. Have you wondered how Search Engine Cloaking in Balckhat SEO steals the love from Google?

All these questions point to one answer: Relevant contents and large number contents that are interlinked get you all the Google love. Google assigns Authority for a Keyword based on this phenomenon.

Why Page Rank is not an Authority Factor Anymore?

Have you seen that a lower Pagerank site get ranked high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)? This makes a point that Pagerank is no longer the major player for ranking your site. Remember, I said “Major” and not totally ruling it out.

Google now gives Priority to Authority and Quality of inbound links, rather than quantity. That’s why you may see many pages with Pagerank 0 appear before any Pagerank 4 page in Google for a specific keyword.

Google’s Keyword Authority Determination Factors

The Authority of a site for a specific keyword (e.g. SEO Consultant) depends on the following things:

  1. How old is the site?
  2. How many inbound links have the keyword “SEO Consultant”?
  3. How many of the inbound links points to your site using ”SEO Consultant” as anchor text?
  4. Do the inbound links with keyword “SEO Consultant”, also rank high for the keyword in Google? (Or are the inbound links also quality links?)
  5. Does the site use spammy techniques, duplicate contents, has suspicious activities or has massive links from bad neighborhoods?
  6. What is quality and quantity of various user data, like: query traffic, CTR, time on site, etc.?
  7. What is the Page Rank of the site? (one of the factor, not the major one)
  8. What is the Authority power of your inbound links? (you have to ask the above questions individually for each inbound links)
  9. How many pages do you have in your site that mentions ”SEO Consultant”?

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list Google Authority factors.

So, according to my 9th question, it is always wise to build more and more contents on your site and massively interlink them to relevant pages.

Leveraging Idea from Blackhat in a Whitehat Way

For Search Engine Cloaking, Blackhat SEOs use this theme for getting high ranks in search engines. Search Engine Cloaking refers to the Backhat Technique to show the search engine bots a different set of pages than the usual users see. And showing massive amount of relevant pages is one of the strong techniques they use.

But you can do the same in natural and Whitehat way; by building more and more contents for your site and have them linked back to important pages on your site. So, the next you think about building or buying links, please also consider building links in your home site.