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Tue Dec 29

Meta Keyword Collection Strategy & Planning for Meta SEO

It is obvious now that Keywords Meta Tag does not affect much in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Positioning (SEP). Meta SEO was the major SEO process in late 90s and early 2000 decades. Now, is a part of current SEO process, which is considered Old School SEO. Previously, people could get benefit from stuffing the keywords meta tags with irrelevant keywords. For some time, search engines used to punish the sites using such method. But, currently, advanced search engine like Google uses filters to ignore such irrelevant keywords.

Meta Keywords Collection Strategy for Meta SEO

However, Meta Keywords can give you some competitive advantage, if the competition is close (close ranking scores, not fierce competition). So, it is suggested that, you use Meta Keywords wisely. The wisest thing to do is to find and use most relevant keywords. So, here are some suggestion to collect relevant keywords for Keywords Meta for your site:

  • Concentrate on niche key-phrases, rather than highly popular single word keywords. However, sites sometimes like single keywords, since they fool the competitors to see what keywords/keyphrases you are targeting.
  • Keyword in URL is still very important ranking factor, so collect all the keywords available in URL (../../if not, rename URL to desired keyword)
  • Keywords in Page Title is the single most important factor in search engine ranking. So, you should have the keywords from page titles as the keywords for meta keywords
  • Keyword Density Analysis is no longer important for ranking a page. However, they can suggest you with relevant keywords and key-phrases for your page. So, to collect the relevant keywords, you can do a Keyword Density Analysis on your page. For that, you can use Keyword Density Analyzer Tool by SEO Book, if your site is online.

You can use these strategies to collect and compile keywords for SEO planning for existing site. For fresh sites, you may have to do it from scratch. In case of CMS-based sites, there are pretty new Components and Plugin that collects the keywords for you automatically.