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Mon Feb 22

Why Traditional (Old School) Email Marketing Sucks

In best case, traditional and old school email marketing is mostly sending the right message to the unverified right people in mostly wrong time.

In moderate case, traditional email marketing is mostly sending the right message to the wrong people in mostly wrong time.

So, you can guess what the worst case may be ;-)

Why Email Marketing Sucks

Now-a-days Email Marketing has gone a long way and steadily becoming more efficient. But, the plain aka traditional or Old School Email Marketing sucks for the following reasons:

Can’t Send Message to the Right People

  • You push message to people that doesn’t want what you are selling
  • You push message to people that are obsessed with spams in inbox
  • You push message to people that never likes commercial tone in your message
  • You push message to companies that want your product, but instead you end up sending mails to the sales guys/gals, who are not responsible for purchases
  • You mostly push message to company email address (e.g. Company emails are everybody’s responsibility. And everybody’s responsibility is nobody’s responsibility, when you are sending commercial emails.

Can’t Send the Right Message

  • You push message to people that use spam filters. So whenever, you use commercial terms, the receiver never receives your email
  • Even the receiver from an Opt-in list, may not like the various emails you sent to him/her that are irrelevant to their needs
  • What works best for the web, doesn’t work for email marketing. Use of heavy HTML and other Web Technologies, can put your emails behind bars.

Can’t Send the Message in Right Time

  • You push message to people that are not willing to buy right now
  • With a mailing list of million people, you are never sure who needs what at present or at any point of time
  • You plan the seasonal mailing campaign, only to find that the receiver is already attached with other companies or planning to buy other products. And you have done nothing to grow your brand reputation to the receiver in the whole peak-season or in off-season.

Other Disadvantages of Email Marketing

  • You spend huge time collecting and refining email lists, only to find that only 1-2 responses from a list of 1000 recipients.
  • If many receivers mark you as spam, be ready to forgo your domain forever
  • Not to mention the federal punishment for spamming
  • Most of all, you are loosing your reputation to the person you are mailing to. Come on! These days, email spammers are not treated equally against a regular business that is found everywhere on the web.
  • Once you are looked down upon as a spammer, you have really screwed your brand reputation. And you really need re-branding.

There are ways to send the right email message for marketing, to the right people, in right time. But, let’s keep it for another blog post in future.