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Sun May 30

Bangladesh Bans Facebook on Various Complains

Bangladesh bans Facebook on various complains. BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission) recently shooted many compalins about Facebook. e.g.

1st Complain: Facebook is Ruining the Younger Generation of Bangladesh

My Comment: I don’t support this.

I have heard a lot of teachers saying that internet should be banned in dormitories of BUET (Bangladesh’s topmost engineering university). Now, these teachers are supporting them. Here, I am hearing similar thing also.

Just because the younger generation is the early adopter, it doesn’t mean it is the media to get spoiled. Mobile is ruining the younger generation more than Facebook. Why are you not banning mobile phone use? Just beaucse, it is the most effective communication media? What is Facebook then? To grow the IT industry here in Bangladesh, we need to grow the internet usage. But, banning Facebook will not help this, nor block young generation to get spoiled.

Bangladesh Bans Facebook

2nd Complain: Facebook Repeatedly Ignored Activities by Anti-Islamic Accounts and Groups

My Comment: I support this.

I have seen after 2 or 3 reports, an account is deleted or suspended. But, even after so many reports/blocks/complains, Facebook has alway ignored the sentimate of the muslim people.

This ignorance seems to be intentional and they have done nothing for that. Even the group “F*ck Christianity”, still exist. I am also not in favor of hurting any religion, not even Judaism. But, Facebook had always been very stubborn at this. Therefore, Facebook deserves this pressure.

I don’t believe Bangladesh will be the one that gets hurt the most. There are 1000s of social media now. It’s Facebook that will not only loose a lot of users, but also a lot of revenue. Because, a lot of ads are controlled from Bangladesh now.

Facebook has gained the reputation for being most visited site from the USA, followed by Google. But, I believe if Facebook remains to be stubborn, then they are actually seeing the peak in their life-cycle. And when you are at the peak of your life cycle, it’s the time to go down.

As a good citizen in Bangladesh, I’ll gladly accept this ban and/or hibernation.

Update: I am quite amazed that the Bangladesh Government is not at all interested about the Islamic sentiment. And the complain has been around for long time. But, they never cared. This time, they care, because some minister made a political blunder hurting the reputation of the ruling party. Now, the question comes, whether BTRC should be used for political desires or become an independent commission taking their own decision, not satisfy any political desires?