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Thu Aug 12

Dofollow Link from Facebook on Your Public Profile

Facebook has always remained the toughest walled garden for many years. But, one by one some of the things are opening up to public. And while that happens, many features are being indexed by Google.

    Recently, on my public profile, I spotted something new and interesting:

    Facebook Public Profile giving Dofollow Backlink

    The link on my public profile has this code with XFN Relationship Tag, “Me”:

    <a class=”url” href=”” rel=”me”></a>

    Interestingly, no Nofollow tag in the URL. It is quite odd for sites like Facebook to provide dofollow links. Such dofollow link from such authoritative site can be very useful for you. Because, Facebook alone has the highest amount of indexed pages in Google. Here is the rank of Alexa’s top 10  sites, in terms of  total number of indexed pages in Google: - 1,170,000,000 indexed pages - 293,000,000 pages - 210,000,000 pages - 184,000,000 pages - 136,000,000 pages - 118,000,000 pages - 42,200,000 pages + + - 29,700,000 pages - 13,700,000 pages

    However, Google in some period of time, may weigh down the score of links from Facebook.

    Now, how was this achieved? I have recently did Facebook Optimization on my blog. But, that was not the reason, when I saw several other profiles are also showing same dofollow behavior that did not yet do any Facebook Optimization.

    I, along with several other profiles have mentioned several sites in the “Website” portion of my profile and seems like Facebook is currently giving the credit to the first listed site on your profile with dofollow link.