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Asif Anwar is a strong community contributor, guest blogger, research-oriented blogger, and expert opinion leader for various online platforms and sites, including Search Engine Journal, Social Media Today, Marketing Pilgrim, Quora, etc. He writes on topics related to Search, Mobile, and Social Marketing. Please find the list of his publications and articles authored by Asif Anwar below (sorted by recency):

CPMEo and Gazing Time will be the Future of Web Advertising
Published in Search Engine Journal (2013)
A prophetic article on the future of Web Advertising, when mobile technologies will improve to track people’s eye movement. Suggested a very new term CPMEo = Cost per 1000 eyeovers.

Real Market of QR Code Market
Published in Social Media Today (2012)
A rant article for the “Nay” sayers for QR codes. Presented some predictions on how QR codes will impact in future.

Is SERP Bounce a Ranking Signal or a Quality Factor for SEO?
Published in Search Engine Journal (2012)
Based on the then recent change in Google that helped determine whether Bounce Rate is SEO factor.

How to Write Hundreds of Unique Articles from One Article with MS Excel – Article Theme Versioning
Published in Marketing Pilgrim (2009)
This is an entry to Marketing Pilgrim’s 4th Annual SEM Scholarship contest. And it made way into the final and one of the most read article for the contest.

13 Prophecies of Internet Marketing
Published in Marketing Pilgrim (2008)
Made some bold predictions and most of them became true, except for the buzzy topic “SEO will be History”. Which was used intentionally to create buzz :-) He predicted Google Instant Search (Search-As-You-Type) and Search Preview (Mouseover Zoom-up search results), long before Google introduced it (in Prophecy #2). But, use of word was different. Interestingly, the “SEO will be History” did work wonder :-) It was criticized in Search Engine Journal by Richard Burckhardt. The Sphinn story to the link also stirred some great discussions including Dave Harry (theGypsy) and Jill Whallen. Another great SEO Specialist, Tamar Weinberg covered the story in Search Engine Round Table.

Please also have a look at the articles posted in Blueliner Marketing, LLC site.

Asif Anwar is also an expert contributor in Quora.


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