Like Through Rate (LTR) for Facebook Advertisement

I’ve been going through many results for the keyword Like Through Rate (LTR) in Google, but did not find any good article that could explain a bit. Though many people have claimed to have invented it, so I’m not really the first. But, trying to give more lights to it.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Before we go to LTR, those of you who don’t know what CTR or Click Through Rate is, here is the formula:

CTR = (Number of Clicks / Number of Impressions) X 100

This denotes the percentage of impressions that generated clicks. Impressions are the number of times the ad is shown. So, CTR is a percentage value that can show you how effective your ad was, in terms of the number of impressions shown. This is a quality factor for ads. Because, a high CTR e.g. 70% means your ad was so good that 70% of the ads shown, encouraged people to click; and a low CTR e.g. 30% means you ad was so bad that 70% of the ads shown, were never clicked.

What Happens Beyond Clicks?

But, what happens beyond Clicks in social media advertisement? Clicks are not the major factor when your main goal is to get more likes as possible. And doing it for least cost is also a concern.

The effectiveness of the ads ends, when someone clicks your ad. So, CTR is not responsible for what happens afterwards. People come through clicks and if they like your posts, then they like your page and if your post are crappy, they bounce away from the page. Like is a next level of call to action after clicks. So, what’s the quality factor here?


25 May 2013 ·

Best Ways to Use Social Networks in the Market

Guest Post Disclaimer: The opinions and knowledge posted in this article is solely of the guest author.

Because social networks are cost effective and easy to focus, more and more businesses and individuals are focusing too much on social networks to publicize their business products and services. But the main problem here is– most businesses are relying on ineffective tactics to market their products to social networks. The following guide explains you the best ways to use social networks to market.

Best Ways to Use Social Networks in the Market

22 January 2013 ·

LinkedIn Wishlist - Part I: User Generated Search Tags to Create Narrow Searching, Keyword Channels for Profiles, & Virtual Directory of Interest Groups

This post is actually posted in February 04, 2008. Reposting the article here as a reference for my new upcoming article: LinkedIn Wishlist - Part II: LinkedIn Profile and Page Features.

LinkedIn Wishlist - Part I: User Generated Search Tags to Create Narrow Searching, Keyword Channels for Profiles, & Virtual Directory of Interest Groups

Dear LinkedIn,

Being an open networker, I always try to help my connection by forwarding relevant news, articles, resources, etc. in my network. To do so, I forward mails to the appropriate members in my network by searching them and adding them one by one. 

But, I think Other Filtering Option should be used to make the forwarding mails more useful by sending them to appropriate people. Currently, you can only filter by location and industry. But, there are many custom searches we can make in our contacts and group them as per our need.

Therefore, I would like to suggest User Generated Search Tags. Search Tag is similar to Blog Tags and Interest Group Tags in Blogger Profile. However this can be used to tag people with appropriate keywords. XING is already using this type of tags. You can actually use this tag for various purposes:

7 September 2011 ·

Bangladesh Bans Facebook on Various Complains

Bangladesh bans Facebook on various complains. BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission) recently shooted many compalins about Facebook. e.g.

1st Complain: Facebook is Ruining the Younger Generation of Bangladesh

My Comment: I don’t support this.

I have heard a lot of teachers saying that internet should be banned in dormitories of BUET (Bangladesh’s topmost engineering university). Now, these teachers are supporting them. Here, I am hearing similar thing also.

Just because the younger generation is the early adopter, it doesn’t mean it is the media to get spoiled. Mobile is ruining the younger generation more than Facebook. Why are you not banning mobile phone use? Just beaucse, it is the most effective communication media? What is Facebook then? To grow the IT industry here in Bangladesh, we need to grow the internet usage. But, banning Facebook will not help this, nor block young generation to get spoiled.

Bangladesh Bans Facebook

30 May 2010 ·

Activities in Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Activities

There is a wide variation of the social activities in the real world. This is also true for online social activities. There are endless activities in Social Media Marketing (SMM). However, here is the tip of the iceburg:

28 April 2009 ·

How to Find Twitter Influencers - Search for Twitter Elites for Your SMM Campaign

Twitter GraderTwitter Grader is an online service that scores your Twitter activity, network activity, tweeting activity in a complex algorithm and finally gives you a score. Based on this score, they also rank your profile in various prefix listing, customizable search listing, and online tools.

Global Twitter Elite List

Twitter Grader provides couple of prefixed list of Twitter Elites that have ranked high in various categories. They are categorized into:

  • Top Users: The list of top 100 people that are globally top scorers and the most influential tweeters in the world.
  • Top Women: List of top 100 most infleuncial ladies in Twittersphere.
  • Top Brands: List of top 100 brands that have scored high.
  • Top Cities: List of top 100 cities, ranked according to the number of users in the city.

Top Users and Top Women List is very useful when you are planning for global social media campaign with big budgets. Especially if you want to target a large volume of people globally.

Top Brands List helps you to track the top brands that are very active in twitter. If you are not one of the top 100, then this list is just a bulletin for you. But, if you are in, then this is the playground you should keep your eyes on. If you are not in the list, you still use it for research on who to make strategic partnership with.

If you are targeting globally, but want to proceed by targeting cities or countries one by one, then the Top Cities List is very helpful.

Find Twitter Elites - Search for Social Media Influencers (High Value Users) in Twitter

12 February 2009 ·

Social Media or PR 2.0

News media used to give us updated news on national and international happenings. And at rare times, they used to give news about our locality. The Press Releases used to come out at specific time and we used to get synchronized with the news media during that specified time.

When Social Media came, media for news-you-need-to-know has changed. No, newspaper will highlight your cousin had a baby, but the Social Media is telling you that.

Moreover, these social media, like twitter has become so fast in spreading news that, law enfrocement people are forcing @breakingnews to stop relaying news about Mumbai Attacks.

So, Social Media is here to stay and bye bye Traditional News Media.

4 February 2009 ·

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