Like Through Rate (LTR) for Facebook Advertisement

I’ve been going through many results for the keyword Like Through Rate (LTR) in Google, but did not find any good article that could explain a bit. Though many people have claimed to have invented it, so I’m not really the first. But, trying to give more lights to it.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Before we go to LTR, those of you who don’t know what CTR or Click Through Rate is, here is the formula:

CTR = (Number of Clicks / Number of Impressions) X 100

This denotes the percentage of impressions that generated clicks. Impressions are the number of times the ad is shown. So, CTR is a percentage value that can show you how effective your ad was, in terms of the number of impressions shown. This is a quality factor for ads. Because, a high CTR e.g. 70% means your ad was so good that 70% of the ads shown, encouraged people to click; and a low CTR e.g. 30% means you ad was so bad that 70% of the ads shown, were never clicked.

What Happens Beyond Clicks?

But, what happens beyond Clicks in social media advertisement? Clicks are not the major factor when your main goal is to get more likes as possible. And doing it for least cost is also a concern.

The effectiveness of the ads ends, when someone clicks your ad. So, CTR is not responsible for what happens afterwards. People come through clicks and if they like your posts, then they like your page and if your post are crappy, they bounce away from the page. Like is a next level of call to action after clicks. So, what’s the quality factor here?


Like Through Rate (LTR)

It’s the Like Through Rate that indicates how good are your Page’s posts. LTR is the quality factor in work after clicks are generated. If you have very interesting posts for your target audience, then the most number of clicks will turn into likes. And the way to measure it is by LTR. So, here goes the formula:

LTR = (Number of Likes / Number of Clicks) X 100

Like CTR, Like Through Rate or LTR is a percentage of Clicks that turned into likes. If you have a high LTR e.g. 70%, it means that you page was so likebale that 70% of the people that clicked, liked your page. Likewise, a low LTR e.g. 30% means that your page’s post are so bad that 70% of the people that clicked on you ad did not find your page interesting.

How Like Through or LTR Can Be Helpful?

  • LTR tells you how good your page’s posts are. If you have a high LTR, then you have a very interesting page for your target audience. You might have very bad CTR, but a high LTR is surely a winner.
  • Increasing your LTR can also decrease your cost of advertising in Facebook and other social media. Beause, a high LTR means you are getting more likes for the same cost for clicks.
  • Ater hosting an ad campaign, if you find that your LTR is low (Usually below 60%), it can be a sign that your page is not ready either for public or for your taget audience.
  • Sometimes the LTR depends on your target audience. You might see different LTR for different audiences. So, you can tell which audience to target and which not to.
  • Well, if you are optimistic about the audience that generate low LTR, then you can take measures to tailor posts that can encourage the low LTR audience to generate better LTR.
  • With that in mind, if you run a campaign for specific niche audience and still see low LTR, it clearly tells you that your campiagn is not working. You need change. And vice versa.

Most of the Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies evolve around increasing LTR for your page. Starting from increasing likes to increasing engagements, all are related to LTR. And how to increase your Like Through Rate (LTR) is another topic and I might put light on that later as well. But, the definition needed to be cleared out.

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25 May 2013 ·

Best Ways to Use Social Networks in the Market

Guest Post Disclaimer: The opinions and knowledge posted in this article is solely of the guest author.

Because social networks are cost effective and easy to focus, more and more businesses and individuals are focusing too much on social networks to publicize their business products and services. But the main problem here is– most businesses are relying on ineffective tactics to market their products to social networks. The following guide explains you the best ways to use social networks to market.

Best Ways to Use Social Networks in the Market

Avoid Quantitative Approach in Having Social Media Presence

Most people believe that having too many social networks for their business help in receiving lots of website visitors, but this may not fetch you good result since you need to have a continuous online presence on this networking site to benefit from it.

Investing in Online Marketing

Secondly investing online marketing should be done very carefully because you must make your investment only where there is a scope of getting higher ROI. You should be able to minimize your risk associated with your investments. Finally, to get good results you should not completely rely on social networks.

When to Start?

If you are looking to take advantage of promoting your business on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and so on then before opening your business account in these social platforms, determine whether you are able to manage all these accounts at a time, only then start your social marketing.

Choose Best Platform

Investigate which platform can support to communicate with your existing and potential customers. And then try to build strong relationship with your customer by understanding their needs and what they want from you.

Post Articles

Post articles on social sites and your website; include relevant information on your products or services in the post that you write to market. To make your post social friendly, you can also include a short author bio at the end of every post and give a backlink to your social profile.

Add People

Try to add more people into your social networking sites, know the people who are interested towards your business products and services.

B2B Marketing

Join various forums and you can even take advantage of B2B marketing sites to share your ideas and to provide advice on problems and answering any questions of your site readers.


Promoting only your website and looking for people to read your message is not good, you should also visit networking profiles of other people who are connected with you and read their blog or posts.


Always respond to your posts in a friendly way and promptly to their comments. This can help you bring more potential customers.

Social Networks

Do not just create social networks for the sake of creating an account and hype your business, instead try to integrate your traditional work with online marketing. This can supplement both traditional and online campaigns.

Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Wrote many articles on ppi claims. Find out more about her blogs @financeport

22 January 2013 ·

LinkedIn Wishlist - Part I: User Generated Search Tags to Create Narrow Searching, Keyword Channels for Profiles, & Virtual Directory of Interest Groups

This post is actually posted in February 04, 2008. Reposting the article here as a reference for my new upcoming article: LinkedIn Wishlist - Part II: LinkedIn Profile and Page Features.

LinkedIn Wishlist - Part I: User Generated Search Tags to Create Narrow Searching, Keyword Channels for Profiles, & Virtual Directory of Interest Groups

Dear LinkedIn,

Being an open networker, I always try to help my connection by forwarding relevant news, articles, resources, etc. in my network. To do so, I forward mails to the appropriate members in my network by searching them and adding them one by one. 

But, I think Other Filtering Option should be used to make the forwarding mails more useful by sending them to appropriate people. Currently, you can only filter by location and industry. But, there are many custom searches we can make in our contacts and group them as per our need.

Therefore, I would like to suggest User Generated Search Tags. Search Tag is similar to Blog Tags and Interest Group Tags in Blogger Profile. However this can be used to tag people with appropriate keywords. XING is already using this type of tags. You can actually use this tag for various purposes:

Search Tags for Narrow Searching

Use the tags for creating narrow search of LinkedIn connection. You can provide the tag option as narrow search for forwarding any mail. To create the tags, the users will do a people search and tick/check the appropriate people and write a tag for them. e.g. If someone searches for “SAP Developers” in people search, he will be able to choose by clicking on the check box on the basis of his judgment on the summary and then grossly mark the checked profiles with a generic tag, like “SAP Developers”. And when s/he wants to send mails to people within this search tag, s/he will be able to send it by choosing the tags defined by the user. Again, if anyone joins the network with similar People Search Attribute, then s/he will be automatically tagged.

Profile Tags for Keyword Channeling

You can use this User Generated Search Tags like XING, i.e. show it in their public profile. This will also automatically create Keyword Channels for the Profiles. This will enhance the Search Engine Rankings for each profile, since Google & other Search Engines like Keyword Channels (or simply Anchor Texts). You can also use Tag Cloud Option to show most popular tags in bold and least popular tags in plain text. I believe that Tags from people will actually represent what people are saying about you. And this will also allow members to top the Rank in People Search and establish them to stay ahead of the industry or Keyword Channel. If anyone is ranked 1st, 2nd or 3rd for the Profile Keyword Tag, then he can be rewarded with a badge. I believe that this will encourage people to promote their profile instead of their personal sites.

Tags for Virtual Directory of Interest Groups

If the tags are clickable tags, then you can virtually have Directories of Professionals channeled with Keyword Tags. Besides groups in LinkedIn, this will also create Virtual Interest Groups within LinkedIn, rather than an actual group. These tags can be further utilized for User Profile-based PPC Campaign like Facebook.

Update: This tags are more like the Google Plus Friend Circles that allows you to send updates to a specific types of people. When some one sends a Job notification for SEO Manager, it is pretty hard to find the right people and forward them the notification. If tags could be created through search, then people could have sent relevant message to the right people.

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7 September 2011 ·

Bangladesh Bans Facebook on Various Complains

Bangladesh bans Facebook on various complains. BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission) recently shooted many compalins about Facebook. e.g.

1st Complain: Facebook is Ruining the Younger Generation of Bangladesh

My Comment: I don’t support this.

I have heard a lot of teachers saying that internet should be banned in dormitories of BUET (Bangladesh’s topmost engineering university). Now, these teachers are supporting them. Here, I am hearing similar thing also.

Just because the younger generation is the early adopter, it doesn’t mean it is the media to get spoiled. Mobile is ruining the younger generation more than Facebook. Why are you not banning mobile phone use? Just beaucse, it is the most effective communication media? What is Facebook then? To grow the IT industry here in Bangladesh, we need to grow the internet usage. But, banning Facebook will not help this, nor block young generation to get spoiled.

Bangladesh Bans Facebook

2nd Complain: Facebook Repeatedly Ignored Activities by Anti-Islamic Accounts and Groups

My Comment: I support this.

I have seen after 2 or 3 reports, an account is deleted or suspended. But, even after so many reports/blocks/complains, Facebook has alway ignored the sentimate of the muslim people.

This ignorance seems to be intentional and they have done nothing for that. Even the group “F*ck Christianity”, still exist. I am also not in favor of hurting any religion, not even Judaism. But, Facebook had always been very stubborn at this. Therefore, Facebook deserves this pressure.

I don’t believe Bangladesh will be the one that gets hurt the most. There are 1000s of social media now. It’s Facebook that will not only loose a lot of users, but also a lot of revenue. Because, a lot of ads are controlled from Bangladesh now.

Facebook has gained the reputation for being most visited site from the USA, followed by Google. But, I believe if Facebook remains to be stubborn, then they are actually seeing the peak in their life-cycle. And when you are at the peak of your life cycle, it’s the time to go down.

As a good citizen in Bangladesh, I’ll gladly accept this ban and/or hibernation.

Update: I am quite amazed that the Bangladesh Government is not at all interested about the Islamic sentiment. And the complain has been around for long time. But, they never cared. This time, they care, because some minister made a political blunder hurting the reputation of the ruling party. Now, the question comes, whether BTRC should be used for political desires or become an independent commission taking their own decision, not satisfy any political desires?

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30 May 2010 ·

Activities in Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Activities

There is a wide variation of the social activities in the real world. This is also true for online social activities. There are endless activities in Social Media Marketing (SMM). However, here is the tip of the iceburg:

Communicating Information & Expertise

  • Blogging,
  • Microblogging (e.g. Twitter),
  • Expertise sharing (e.g. Forum, LinkedIn & Yahoo Answers, etc.)
  • Quick Sales & Support Communication, etc.

Sharing Online Resources

  • News & Press Release sharing,
  • Internet Resource sharing (e.g. Bookmarking),
  • Image and Video sharing,
  • Music/Audio sharing and Podcasting, etc.

Community Participation

  • Social Networking & reaching target audience,
  • Interest group participation,
  • Community involvement & participation,
  • Create supporters for Causes and Events, etc.

Branding and Reputation Building

  • Branding and creating social attachment with a brand,
  • Use vairous social media feature for Brand recommendation media,
  • Maintain Corporate Transperency,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),
  • Online Reputation Management, etc.

Search & Internet Marketing

  • Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM)
  • Increasing traffic and ROI for sites,
  • Inbound Link Building (Both follow and not followed links), etc.

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28 April 2009 ·

How to Find Twitter Influencers - Search for Twitter Elites for Your SMM Campaign

Twitter GraderTwitter Grader is an online service that scores your Twitter activity, network activity, tweeting activity in a complex algorithm and finally gives you a score. Based on this score, they also rank your profile in various prefix listing, customizable search listing, and online tools.

Global Twitter Elite List

Twitter Grader provides couple of prefixed list of Twitter Elites that have ranked high in various categories. They are categorized into:

  • Top Users: The list of top 100 people that are globally top scorers and the most influential tweeters in the world.
  • Top Women: List of top 100 most infleuncial ladies in Twittersphere.
  • Top Brands: List of top 100 brands that have scored high.
  • Top Cities: List of top 100 cities, ranked according to the number of users in the city.

Top Users and Top Women List is very useful when you are planning for global social media campaign with big budgets. Especially if you want to target a large volume of people globally.

Top Brands List helps you to track the top brands that are very active in twitter. If you are not one of the top 100, then this list is just a bulletin for you. But, if you are in, then this is the playground you should keep your eyes on. If you are not in the list, you still use it for research on who to make strategic partnership with.

If you are targeting globally, but want to proceed by targeting cities or countries one by one, then the Top Cities List is very helpful.

Find Twitter Elites - Search for Social Media Influencers (High Value Users) in Twitter

Find Twitter Elites and Influencers in Your Location

Along with global Twitter Elites, Twitter Grader also shows Twitter Influencers within your city, state, and country or the location you want to see. Here are the link for my city, state, and country:

Top Tweeters in Dhaka City:

Top Tweeters in Dhaka as State:

Top Tweeters in Bangladesh:

If you visit your profile in Twitter Grader, then you will be able to see your location with clickbale links. If you click the links, then you can see the top 100 tweeters list from your city, state, and country. But, if you want to see the top 100 twitter users in a specific location, then your have to use the following link:

Location Search:

It is quite useful when you want to know who are the most influential within your city, state or country. If your Social Media Marketing Campaign is based on specific country, then this list can help you a lot.

Who Tweets You - List of Most Influential Fans

Twitter Grader is also providing the tool to see the most influential fans aka loyal influencers of you or your brand. This is just a recreation of your twitter mentions, but sorted according to influencing power.

Who Tweets You Tool:

If you have any loyalty marketing campaign and want to reward only the top influencers, then this list is very helpful.

Who Tweets Your Competitors

Again, for the “Who Tweets You” Tool, it does not mean that it always have to be you. It also can be your competitors. You can spy on the most influential fans of your competitors and redirect them to your brand before your competitor does. Just put in the twitter ID of your competitor in the tool.

Search Twitter Elite in Your Niche

To me, this is the most powerful tool for Social Media Marketers that helps you to find the most influential tweeters in your niche by allowing you to search with keywords they tweet. For Social Media Marketing (SMM), the keywords can be:

  • Industry Keywords: If you want to see the most influential tweeters from specific industry, then use industry-based keywords, e.g. SEO, PPC, Internet Marketing, Textile, Graphic Design, etc. If you search SEO in the tool, it will show you the top 100 most influential persons tweeting about SEO.
  • Brand Keywords: If you own specific brands, you can use these as keywords to search for influential fans of your products.
  • Competitor Keywords: If you want to see the most influencing tweeters tweeting the keywords and brands of your competitors, then this is the best tool.
  • Horizontals & Verticals Keywords: You can also search 1. Keywords that are related to your industry or indirectly competitive (Horizontals) - e.g. Tea & Coffee or 2. Keywords that are not directly related to your industry but complementary (Verticals) - e.g. Tea & Sugar. This search can be useful to find major social media influencers if you are planning for business development or startup.
  • Lead Hunting Keywords: I have previously blogged about how you can turn Twitter Search into Lead Hunting Bulletin Board. The problem with twitter search tool is that you only see relevant leads sorted according to recency. But, what if you wanted to see the result according to the quality of the tweeter (the person), then this could give you better insights on who to give priority while targeting for lead generation. Try this search: “looking for” Your-Major-Keyword.

Twitter Grader Search Tool:

Find Niche Twitter Elites

The Twitter Grader Tool can help you in a lot of ways to find the most influential Twitter users and make your Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign more smart.

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12 February 2009 ·

Social Media or PR 2.0

News media used to give us updated news on national and international happenings. And at rare times, they used to give news about our locality. The Press Releases used to come out at specific time and we used to get synchronized with the news media during that specified time.

When Social Media came, media for news-you-need-to-know has changed. No, newspaper will highlight your cousin had a baby, but the Social Media is telling you that.

Moreover, these social media, like twitter has become so fast in spreading news that, law enfrocement people are forcing @breakingnews to stop relaying news about Mumbai Attacks.

So, Social Media is here to stay and bye bye Traditional News Media.

4 February 2009 ·

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