Why the #1 Position in Google and Other Search Engines Sucks

If you are involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), either for your or clients’ site(s), you know how important it is to get the number 1 ranking for the most important keywords. If the keyword is popular, then it is a dream come true.

Or is it? How can getting the #1 ranking for your keyword can be a nightmare? Well, the answer is: ROI (Return on Investment). Your ROI can be disturbed in many ways for having number 1 position.

Why Does #1 Position in Search Engines Sucks - An example on Google SERP for the Keyword "Internet Marketing Agency"

Why the #1 Position in Google and Other Search Engines Sucks

So, it’s not the #1 ranking that you should rely most on. Even if you do, don’t over-emphasize it, also don’t feel sad that you don’t have #1 position. You should have realistic SEO Mindset, depending on your financial and operational capabilities. 

We are mostly ROI driven and strive to achieve the best ranking to boost your ROI. Without a good ROI, the #1 ranking in search engines can disrupt your business operations, marketing, and branding. Here is how:

28 November 2012 ·

Bing.com is Live Now > Live.com and Kumo.com Merges with Bing

Update: The Title of this article was Bing.com is Live Now > Live.com is not Bing yet > Kumo Merged with Bing. After few hours Live.com was also redirected to Bing.com. Now, Bing.com is the ultimate search engine by Microsoft.

This is a great breaking news for search marketers. Bing.com is Live now after so many days of anticipation. Microsoft has been working on 2 search engines Bing.com and Kumo.com. But, currently Bing.com, Live.com, and Kumo.com all have the same site, i.e. Bing.com.

Bing.com is Live Now > Live.com and Kumo.com Merges with Bing

For rest of the world (like Bangladesh), Bing Homepage shows UK homepage. But, Bing also has search home page for specific countries, cultures, and languages. Here is a list of the countries that Bing currently supports. For some countries, you will find separate versions according to language. e.g. For USA, they have versions for the English and the Hispanics and for Canada, hey have both Engilsh and French home page.

This morning, I found that the site is hosted in UK Servers at IP. Now, they changed the server to The Netherlands at IP. I guess they are clouding the servers over Europe.

1 June 2009 ·

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