’s Wayback Machine - 5 Great Use of it in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Recently, I’ve blogged about 5 Great Reasons Why’s Wayback Machine is a Great SEO Tool in Blueliner Marketing blog.

5 Great Reasons Why

31 October 2011 ·

301 Permanent Redirects for Old and Broken Links - SEO Strategy that Most Forget

Sites evolve a lot after it has been created. Even if the contents and themes are same for the site, they throw away the old bottle and take on a new bottle. But, with the old bottle, sometime the webmasters don’t know that they are throwing away precious old wine of the link juice. Even, many SEO experts and webmasters forget what they are throwing away and go for short-term solutions.

Not all sites goes for CMS at first. The common evolution pattern is from Plain HTML site to Animated Flash site and then to Content Management System (CMS) site. For some sites, the evolution pattern can be quite complex. Each time while changing, most site owners and webmasters rarely bother about redirecting old links to the right and very relevant link or page. While doing that, they are harming the visitors, hence their business potential, and also the search engines.

SEO Perspective on 301 Permanent Redirects for Old Broken Links

301 Permanent Redirects and SEO Value Transfer

19 October 2011 ·

SEO Click-through Rate (CTR) Influence Ranking in Google, What to do now?

Which CTR Counts in SEO?

Click-through Rate or CTR is a popular term for PPC. But, here we are talking about SEO CTR, not the CTR related to PPC. And yes, SEO CTR now counts and has been confirmed by many experts that it does influence Google Rankings. In SES 2011 @ London many experts has confirmed that it does influence your ranking. 

What is Clickthrough Rate (CTR)?

CTR = Number of Clicks / Number of Impression

This usually tells you what percentage of impression that makes an actual click. For PPC, CTR is a great measure for you to understand how well the ad is. For SEO, this also can tell how well the content is in the perspective of the keyword searched in Google. 

Is it Possible to Know the CTR for SEO?

For SEO, evaluating CTR was tough. However, Google Webmaster now provides this insight, which can also help you understand how you can improve your SEO. This is an earlier step, before the clicks get stored in your web analytics application.

SEO CTR in Google Webmaster Tools

Take a look at the new feature by Google Webmaster from where you can find the SEO CTR for your site for individual keywords.

What Would be the SEO CTR?

The SEO impression is how many times your site get ranked in Google SERP. Even if no one clicks your site, you will get a impression count, when someone searches for any keyword that you rank for. And based on the clicks and this impression, you can get SEO CTR.

Calculating SEO Click-through Rate (CTR)

e.g. Your site ranks 5th for the keyword SEO PPC SMM. Searchers made about 200 searches in a day for that keyword. So, you will get 200 impressions as the 5th site every time. But, only 20 people among the searchers actually clicked your site. So, your SEO CTR would be 20 clicks out of 200 searches or impression, i.e. 10% is your SEO CTR. Good news is that Google Webmaster does show you the SEO CTR to you:

SEO CTR in Google Webmaster

9 March 2011 ·

Dofollow Link from Facebook on Your Public Profile

Update: This is an old post. Facebook no longer provide Dofollow link :-( Currently, they use “Nofollow me” Rel Attribute for all the links. However, the current public profile of a person gives dofollow link to pages they like. So, the more fans you have, the more the page rank of your page.

Facebook has always remained the toughest walled garden for many years. But, one by one some of the things are opening up to public. And while that happens, many features are being indexed by Google.

Recently, on my public profile, I spotted something new and interesting:

Facebook Public Profile giving Dofollow Backlink

The link on my public profile has this code with XFN Relationship Tag, “Me”:

<a class=”url” href=”” rel=”me”></a>

12 August 2010 ·

Joomla SEO Checklist - Search Engine Optimization for Joomla

Joomla is the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) in the Opensource world. It’s flexible and user friendly features are contributing in it’s popularity as a CMS. Packt Publishing has been…

30 April 2009 ·

SEO Perspective on 301 Permanent Redirects for Old Broken Links

Sites are not just created, they also evolve. Sites throw away the old cloak and put on a new cloak. But, little does the site owners know that they are also throwing away precious old wine of link…

This Article has moved to

22 April 2009 ·

Domain Age vs. Link Age - SEO Perspective

Link Age and Domain Age are totally different things.

Domain Age denotes the age from the time when the site was registered (Source: WHOIS information).

Link Age denotes the age from the time the specific page/link was created (Source: Document Inception Date).

So, over time, you can have many new links in an old site.

Domain Age vs. Link Age

Image Courtesy: - Free Stock Images Site

Domain age has significant influence in Google Rankings and it is proven. Old sites has been awarded with better ranking since 2005, as Google found that spammers evacuate site quite frequently.

22 April 2009 ·

5 P’s to Generate Copywriting Ideas and Presenting a (Landing) Page

If you provide any product and/or service, then you need to present yourself on the webpage. To get your business online, you have to copywrite your contents and make a good presentation. Now, what will you write?

5 P's for Copywriting Ideas

Here are 5 P’s (Preface, Presentation, Principles, Process, and Portfolio) that you need to consider while preparing your contents or presentation, which as well can be used for a good web brochure or even hardcopy of corporate identity (brochure).

6 April 2009 ·

Rel=“Canonical” URL Tag Introduced by Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Like rel=”nofollow” URL tag, a new rel Tag (canonical) has been introduced and currently being supported by major search engine to tell the search engines that the specific URL is the duplicate.

<link rel="canonical" href="">

This tag makes the webmasters free from relying with server end 301 redirect management, since this URL tag will be work as same as 301 redirects. And this can help retain the Authority of the home or any other page by disregarding pages that support session IDs, affiliate versions, printed, pdf versions, etc. that create duplicates of the original page.

More FAQ on this is on SEOMoz.

SEOmoz | Canonical URL Tag - The Most Important Advancement in SEO Practices Since Sitemaps

See what Matt Cutts, the Web Spam Head in Google has to say about it:

© of SEOPPCSMM.COM - Source: Rel=“Canonical” URL Tag Introduced by Google, Yahoo, and Live

14 February 2009 ·

Absolute URLs in Internal Links can Hurt your Ranking in Google

Recently, one of the sites I was working on, had a great fall in ranking in Google. Me, along with the owner have revised the site and was blaming it for over optimization, since I have also used link titles (<a href=”index.html” title=”“>) for every links.

But I have many sites that are performing well with the link titles. So, I can’t blame it on the link titles. But, I also changed the Relative URLs (<a href=”index.html” title=”“>) to Absolute URLs (<a href=”jttp://” title=”“>).

The major reason to use Absolute URL is because of the suggestion that many SEOs are providing to fight content forgery by scrappers. It creates problems for them to steal your contents. And if they do that, you can also get links from their site.

14 February 2009 ·

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